Parks Canada – Student employment program

Parks Canada is a federal agency that manages national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas of Canada. Through our mandate we enable Canadians to have memorable experiences in a way that ensures the protection of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. The protected areas are much more than just unique places waiting to be discovered, they are experiences waiting for you to discover

Parks Canada offers summer jobs that are outside the box! Students will gain work experience and learn new skills in areas such as visitor services, interpretative activities, resource conservation, cultural heritage or office-related work.


“Here at Parks Canada working for the national design centre is a great opportunity for a student like me studying design. I assist in the production of many jobs that the design team is working on. This allows me to gain the knowledge and skills I need to be successful when I graduate! My experience so far with Parks Canada is great! The team is amazing and very talented.”— I'thandi

“I loved working for Parks Canada. It was the best summer job I could ask for. I got to call a beautiful national park home. I met students from all over Canada who loved the outdoors just like me. I got amazing experience organizing and executing a project in my field. And at the end of the day, I felt proud that I could say that I work for one of the few organizations that are making a positive difference in the world.”— Shannon

Parks Canada recruits post-secondary and secondary students with a variety of skills and who have applied to the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) general inventory. (Parks Canada does not have a departmental program under FSWEP.)

We anticipate hiring approximately 1,000 students in 2016. Our recruitment period runs until May 2016 for the majority of our summer jobs.

... about the organization:Parks Canada

... about the work location: There are national parks, national historic sites or national marine conservation areas in every province and territory in Canada. Please visit our Web site ( to learn more about these locations. Please note that most sites are located outside major urban centers.

... about the duration of employment: We hire students mainly for summer jobs.

Many of the students hired must be willing and able to work variable schedules including evenings, weekends and statutory holidays. In addition, they must be willing to work outdoors.

... about the pay: Your pay will be based on the Parks Canada Rates of Pay for Students, which is in line with the rates of pay for federal government student employment programs.

... about the age requirements: Students are required to meet the minimum age of work in the province where the student job is located. Please note that for Young Canada Works jobs, the age range is 16-30.

... about the language requirements: English essential, French essential or bilingual essential depending on the location and the type of job.

... others:

  • Travel and lodging are your responsibility and must be paid at your own expense
  • Certain jobs may require that you do shift work or possess a valid driver’s license.

... to learn more: Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Parks Canada Student Employment Program
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