Federal Student Work Experience Program

Students must apply to the FSWEP every October to be included in the inventory.

The Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) provides students with learning opportunities through valuable, hands-on work experience.

  • Students are not required to have previous work experience in order to apply.
  • Students must meet the program's eligibility criteria.
  • Jobs can be offered on a full or part-time basis.

How does it work?

  1. Full-time students apply to the national FSWEP inventory.
  2. Federal government organizations send a request to the Public Service Commission (PSC), owner of the inventory, for a list of students who match specified criteria for the jobs they want to fill (e.g., education, language, skills, work location).
  3. The PSC performs a random search of the FSWEP inventory, based on the specified criteria, to find a minimum of five students that match.
  4. The PSC contacts the students by e-mail to confirm their interest in the job.
  5. The PSC sends the confirmed list of names to the requesting organization.
  6. The manager at the requesting organization reviews the student applications and invites students for tests and interviews, as required.
  7. A job offer is made to the chosen student(s).
  8. The results appear in the jobs.gc.ca account of the students who were considered for the job.