How to apply


  1. To make the application process easier, we recommend you open two Internet browser windows: one window open with the instructions available on this Web page and the other window open with the FSWEP poster (click on the Apply to FSWEP button below). Setting up your FSWEP profile and submitting your application will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. When making modifications to your FSWEP application, you should make the same modifications to your Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS) job account. Despite existing in the same system, your FSWEP application and your PSRS job account are separate entities, and therefore modifications made in one will NOT be automatically transferred to the other.

Learn how to make modifications to your FSWEP application by following the instructions provided in the scenarios below.

Update your PSRS job account at any time by logging into PSRS and selecting the Create/Maintain Profile link. Then, access the individual category, enter the new information and select Save.