Post-Secondary Recruitment uses two testing methods:

  1. On-line testing (unsupervised) - Public Service Entrance Exam

    The Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) is comprised of two sub-tests: the Test of Reasoning and the Test of Judgement. While all applicants are asked to take the Test of Reasoning (sub-test 1), the Test of Judgement (sub-test 2) is required only if additional information is needed to complete the assessment. The PSEE can be written in an unsupervised environment anywhere you have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

    You will only be permitted to write the PSEE once. Your score will be applied to all PSR jobs to which you apply this year. You will only be invited to attend an in-person testing session if you pass the on-line PSEE.

    You will not be informed of your exact scores.

    An invitation to write the PSEE will be sent on October 10 and the exam must be completed before October 15, 2013.

    Find out more about the Public Service Entrance Exam

  2. Supervised testing – Situational Judgment Test and Graduate Recruitment Test

    Candidates passing the PSEE will be invited to register for in-person testing. Find out more about the various tests at:
    In-person testing for career stream inventories will take place in November. Further details on testing will be sent to candidates via e-mail.

    Alternative test dates will only be considered under specific circumstances.

    Testing locations: Testing takes place at specified locations across Canada and abroad. Actual addresses will be sent to applicants who are successful on the PSEE.

    Hiring organizations may conduct additional assessment such as interviews, reference checks or additional testing.

Testing accommodation

If you require accommodation during testing (e.g., provision of sign language interpreters, information in an alternative format, reader services, technical support and/or attendant services), please send us an e-mail a minimum of one week before testing. This will allow sufficient time to arrange for an assessment of your needs to ensure that any required accommodation is available and/or that procedures and test content are adjusted appropriately. Failure to notify us on time may result in your application no longer being considered.

Find out more about accommodation in the public service.