The campaign is now closed. See you next Fall.

Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) targets and recruits exceptional candidates into mid- to senior-level policy positions in the Public Service of Canada. The program is designed to attract top-level professionals and graduates, from an array of disciplines, who have the drive and potential to shape the future of Canada's public policy landscape.

RPL is highly competitive. Out of over 1 200 applications each year, only 40 to 50 recruits are selected (numbers may vary). Successful candidates have included some of Canada's top talent, tackling the nation's most critical public policy challenges in a dynamic, professional environment. Recruits come from fields as diverse as theoretical physics, management consulting and international aid.

Candidates are selected through a unique and rigorous multi-stage process (see Key dates) aimed at identifying applicants ready to take on significant responsibilities within the Public Service of Canada. Successful applicants will have demonstrated excellence, leadership and initiative throughout their professional, academic and volunteer experiences. New RPL recruits are invited to an interview in Ottawa with senior management from a wide range of federal organizations. Recruits' expertise and interests and the hiring needs of the organization are all taken into account. Outstanding candidates in all areas of study are invited to apply.

RPL offers a unique opportunity to enter the Public Service of Canada by targeting high-achieving individuals and personalizing the recruitment process to ensure a great match between candidates and hiring managers. Join the RPL community and help shape the future of Canada!

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